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Low nutrient spore starter Agar - Mycologysimplified

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Agar Ingredients and addatives

Malt Extract

Malt extract contains high concentration maltose, which provides a suitable environment for growth of yeast and mold. That is due to its rich source of carbon, protein and nitrogenous compounds, that are used as energy for the fungi growth.


Agar-Agar is extracted from various seaweeds, such as gracilaria and gelidium (It contains no animal ingredients. Due to the unique gel property and stability of Agar, it is used as a firming and thickening agent for Petri dish experimentation.)

Yeast (S. Cerevisiae)

The strain species S. Cerevisiae is grown on sugar beet molasses, making it a natural source of readily assimilated amino acids and proteins. For mushrooms, this means a rich supplemented diet of dietary fiber, Vitamin D, and B Complex (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12).


Mycological Peptone is a mixture of peptones derived from Soybean plants and animal origin, commonly used in Liquid culture recipe, agar recipe and also added to Substrate as a supplement.

Supplementation with Peptone not only stimulates the growth of mycelium but also greatly improves the quality of the projected.

In an unlikely situation when you receive some plates damaged or contaminated than may arise sometime during shipping, we will provide a credit for those plates on your next order! Please send us the photos within one week of receiving the parcel.

Our highest priority is ensuring the most pleasant experience for our customers. 

SYA (Sorghum Yeast Agar)

Introducing Sorghum Yeast Agar: Elevate Your Cultivation Experience

Embark on a journey of enhanced mycelial growth and superior mushroom cultivation with Sorghum Yeast Agar (SYA). Meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional results, SYA combines the power of sorghum and yeast to create a premium agar medium tailored for the discerning cultivator.

SYA agar plates offer an unparalleled environment for purifying, germinating, isolating, and manipulating mushroom mycelium. With its specialized formulation, SYA provides the ideal balance of nutrients and support for robust mycelial development.

Say goodbye to the complexities of agar preparation – SYA agar plates are ready-to-use, saving you time and effort.

Discover the endless possibilities with Sorghum Yeast Agar:

  1. Precision Strain Isolation: Unleash the full potential of your mushroom strains by isolating and nurturing them with precision on SYA agar plates.
  2. Vigorous Mycelial Growth: Experience accelerated growth and superior vitality with SYA agar's advanced nutrient blend, promoting robust mycelial expansion.
  3. Effortless Cultivation: Streamline your cultivation process with SYA agar's user-friendly design, perfect for everyday transfers and maintenance.

Join the ranks of elite cultivators worldwide who trust Sorghum Yeast Agar for unparalleled results. Elevate your mushroom cultivation experience today with SYA agar and unlock new levels of success in your mycological journey.

We recommend SYA plates for-Germinating spores, Isolating a specific strain of mushroom, and every day transfers. 

*Please store these plates at ambient temperature, and please avoid refrigeration.

MEA (Malt Extract)

These plates are to be stored at room temperature. Do not store them in the fridge.

General MEA petri dish information- The all around agar!

MEA is a gelatinous medium that is used to purify, germinate, isolate and manipulate mushroom mycelium.

These petri dishes are 100% ready to inoculate with spores or mushroom mycelium.


We recommend MEA plates for-

Germinating spores, Isolating a specific strain of mushroom, and every day transfers. 

MEA With Carbon/Activated Charcoal

Please store these plates at ambient temperature, and please avoid refrigeration.

MEA with Activated Charcoal is a gel-like substance utilized for the purification, cultivation, isolation, and manipulation of mushroom mycelium. The inclusion of Activated Charcoal provides a mild antibacterial effect.

These petri dishes are fully prepared for spore or mushroom mycelium inoculation.

We suggest using MEA plates for:

  • Spore germination
  • Isolating particular mushroom varieties
  • Basictransfers.

MYA (Malt Yeast Agar)

Introducing MYA Agar: Your Ultimate Solution for Mushroom Cultivation

Unlock the full potential of your mushroom cultivation endeavors with MYA Agar, the all-in-one agar dish with an extra edge. Crafted with precision and enhanced with nutritional yeast, MYA Agar offers a gelatinous medium ideal for purifying, germinating, isolating, and manipulating mushroom mycelium.

What sets MYA Agar apart is its unique formulation, designed to promote optimal mycelial growth and robust strain development. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or just starting your mushroom cultivation journey, MYA Agar provides the perfect platform for success.

Forget the hassle of preparation – our MYA petri dishes come fully equipped and ready for inoculation with spores or mushroom mycelium.

We highly recommend MYA plates for:

1. Isolating Specific Strains: Achieve precision in your cultivation efforts by isolating and nurturing your desired mushroom strains.

2. Promoting Rhyzomorphic Growth: Experience the beauty of vigorous and healthy mycelial growth, thanks to MYA Agar's optimal nutrient blend.

3. Everyday Transfers: Simplify your transfer procedures with MYA Agar's user-friendly design, perfect for daily cultivation tasks.

Elevate your mushroom cultivation game with MYA Agar – the choice of discerning cultivators worldwide. Experience the difference today and unlock the full potential of your mushroom cultivation endeavors.

*Please store these plates at ambient temperature, and please avoid refrigeration.

MYPA (Malt Extract Yeast Agar Peptone)

These plates are to be stored at room temperature. Do not store them in the fridge.

Malt Extract Yeast Agar Peptone (MYPA)

What is MYPA?

MYPA Mix is the most nutritious gelatinous media to cultivate, isolate and manipulate fungi. That is due to Peptone, which is derivative from soybeans and beef bone that supports vigorous mycelium growth  and demonstrates the most efficient media for long-term maintenance of mushroom cultures (more than a year). The uses of MYPA include:

Growing mushroom mycelium for expansion into grain spawnLong term storage of your isolated strain of MyceliumPlease note this mix has yeast and Peptone and is extremely nutritious. Hence,this medium will have a higher likelyhood of contamination if sterile procedures are not maintained but it also means that mycelium has abundant of nutrition to survive for long term growth.

Low Nutrient (Water Agar)

These plates are to be stored at room temperature. Do not store them in the fridge.

Each mushroom has unique genetics, and capturing their best attributes is a simple but valuable skill. If you have encountered a wild mushroom or are in love with a specific strain, these dishes are your best tool. Low nutrient water agar is an efficient medium for mushroom tissue propagation. That is due to its low nutrient value, which reduces the chances of other contaminants from thriving. On the other hand, mushroom tissues will colonize the medium under the right procedures.


Moreover, This product is a powerful and simple educational tool when learning cloning techniques. We believe that cloning mushrooms is simpler than growing them. We encourage beginners to experiment with common mushrooms from the supermarket such as the Portobella and White Button species to learn to clone. In this way, when growing or foraging mushrooms, this skill will come in handy. We recommend using at least 5 WA plates for cloning the desired tissue. This will help purification and increase the chances of success.