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Masters Mix - Elevate Your Mushroom Cultivation

Masters Mix is the ultimate substrate for cultivating premium gourmet mushrooms. Our expertly crafted blend of organic materials, featuring oak hardwood sawdust and soybean hulls, is meticulously formulated to create the perfect environment for your mushrooms to flourish.

The Power of Our Ingredients:

Oak Pellets: Our oak pellets serve as an exceptional source of nutrition for your mushrooms. They undergo rigorous screening to eliminate any unwanted debris, ensuring a pristine and sterile growth medium for your fungi.

Soybean Hulls: The soybean hulls in Masters Mix strike the ideal balance between moisture and aeration. They play a crucial role in promoting robust mushroom growth while acting as a natural source of nitrogen. This supports the development of strong mycelium networks and bountiful fruiting bodies.

      At Mycology Simplified, we recognize the specialized nature of gourmet mushroom cultivation. That's why we've meticulously designed our substrate to provide the optimal blend of nutrition, moisture, and aeration, giving your mushrooms the best chance to thrive and reach their full potential.

      Unmatched Quality and Convenience:

      Masters Mix is composed of 50% oak hardwood and 50% soy hulls, perfectly hydrated, and packaged in a Unicorn XLS-A or Unicorn 14A polypropylene bag. It undergoes sterilization in a commercial-grade autoclave, ensuring it arrives ready for use. 


      • Keep cool
      • Stable for up to 30 days or more

      Elevate your mushroom cultivation to new heights with Masters Mix. Order now and provide your mushrooms with the premium growing substrate they deserve.

      *Legal Disclaimer: We assume no responsibility for your usage of the product. Sales are final, and any product concerns will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 47 reviews

      I love myco simplified!!!!



      Great product great and fast service.


      Carter Bilbe (Metairie, US)
      Fabulous product ! candy for your mycelium !

      This is a GREAT product ! the mycelium LOVES it and it arrived two days early and was vacuum sealed and super fresh ! I use this company for all my mycology supplies the grain bags as well are top notch and always comes packed correctly and fresh you WILL have success with these products !!

      Thank you for the review and great photos! Lets Grow!