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Parafilm is a flexible, thin material employed for sealing laboratory containers, including Petri dishes. It consists of a combination of polyethylene and wax. Parafilm offers numerous benefits compared to alternative sealing options like tape or plastic wrap. It creates a secure seal that is resistant to moisture and chemicals, and it's effortless to apply and remove.

This listing comprises of 24 pre-cut pieces of Parafilm, which are perfectly suited for wrapping Petri dishes. We have pre-cut the Parafilm into strips measuring 4" x 1" for your convenience.

Why Choose Parafilm?
Parafilm is an indispensable tool in any microbiology laboratory. It serves the crucial role of sealing culture plates and tubes, safeguarding cultures from contamination by external microorganisms while allowing for gas exchange. Additionally, Parafilm serves as an effective barrier against evaporation and spillage.

Parafilm excels in various applications, including:
- Sealing Petri dishes
- Enveloping beakers
- Covering laboratory equipment
- Preventing evaporation
- Safeguarding samples from contaminants

How to Apply Parafilm
Utilizing Parafilm is straightforward. Simply press the Parafilm onto the surface requiring sealing, and stretch it around the edge of your container, dish, or jar. The warmth from your hand will cause the Parafilm to soften and form a secure seal. For optimal results, ensure the surface is clean and dry prior to applying Parafilm.
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