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Bulk Substrates

Are you in search of sterile substrates? Our range includes multiple options:

  • Simple CVG
  • Heavily Amended
  • Master's Mix substrate bags.

Rest assured, these substrates are guaranteed to enhance the growth of your spawn and meet your expectations!

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In Pursuit of Savings?

Now offering 6 packs of 3lb milo at an even larger discount!

Introducing our new 6-pack of 3lb milo grain bags, perfect for mushroom cultivation. Crafted with premium organic milo grain, these bags ensure rapid mycelium growth. Get ready for a bountiful harvest with our convenient and high-quality bags!

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Sorghum Yeast Agar (SYA) - Mycologysimplified

Pre-Poured Agar

Custom mixed, made fresh, and ready for your favorite fungi!

Agar plates are indispensable tools in mycology, serving as nutrient-rich mediums that support the growth of fungi. These plates provide a controlled environment for isolating, culturing, and studying various fungal species. Mycologists use agar plates to observe fungal morphology, test for contamination, and propagate pure cultures for further experimentation or identification. By providing a solid surface for fungal growth and a nutrient source, agar plates enable researchers to study fungal behavior, conduct experiments, and develop new insights into fungal biology and ecology.

*Now offering 6 distinct recipes for all your agar needs!

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Check the sterility of your substrate and grains.

Make sure your Autoclave or PC operates effectively! Simply insert the strips into the item undergoing sterilization. Then, after the pressure cycle, interpret the strip to confirm sterility. These strips gauge three critical factors (time, temperature, and steam presence), crucial for assessing the efficacy of your pressure sterilization procedure.

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Masters Mix Substrate - Mycologysimplified

Grow Gourmet Mushrooms!

New Pricing!

Our new Masters Mix is the ultimate substrate for growing premium gourmet mushrooms! Our specialized blend of organic materials, including oak hardwood sawdust and soybean hulls, is carefully formulated to provide the ideal environment for your mushrooms to thrive.

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Lab Particulate - Contaminate Meter

This device presents mycologists with an essential instrument to uphold and monitor  conditions of their laboratory surroundings. Operating as a monitor for lab particulates and contaminants, it delivers instantaneous tracking of airborne particulate matter, exhibiting precision down to 0.3UM. Yet, its capabilities extend beyond mere particulate scrutiny. It also imparts information on ambient air temperature and humidity, providing a thorough assessment of your lab's atmospheric conditions.

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