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Thanks for the great products, much less stress on me and my grows. I have simplified a lot of my routine and the cool vibes are appreciated by the little ones too. A nice cycle of peace, prosperity and mutual respect has settled over the greenhouse and we are sending some of that love to you and yours too. The Pans sent you a high five and Thank you...they were starting to get really sick of my overly attentive gardening style.Back for more soon!


Love it! Thank you for taking the time to post. Mush Luv!

MEA Agar

Nice a clean!

Thats what we like to hear! Thank you!

Arrived quickly, product is as advertised.

Appreciate you taking the time to post a review!

Tripple packaged to make sure everything arrives safe and as clean as when it was packed. Would recommend and buy again

🙏 Thank you!

These bags are perfect. Faster colonization than the rye berry’s I’ve used before after a few days. They come very neatly packed and as contamination free as possible by how much detail goes into packaging. Definitely going to be switching to Millet


Very fast very professionally packaged overall great experience dealing with them will be back for sure black cat approves haha

Thank you!

Media Bottles - Round
Justin Thompson (Eureka, US)
Cheap for premium quality supplies!

If you're new to mycology and need a good start, shop mycology Simplified! Very easy to use and plus the rewards system is pretty dope to say the least.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a positive review! We are thrilled to hear that you found our products to be of premium quality and at an affordable price. Our team at Mycology Simplified is dedicated to providing top-notch supplies for mycology enthusiasts, especially those who are just starting out. We are glad to know that our rewards system has added value to your shopping experience. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

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P. Funk

Expertly prepared and the results I get from this recipe are in a word Phenomenal.
Give them a try especially if you’re spawning to Milo Sorghum. No nutrient shock and excellent colonization.
I will buy again and again!

Thank you sir! Hope things are going well for you!

I love this company!! Easy simple and super helpful customer service.


I love this fast growth!!!


I love myco simplified!!!!


Great product great and fast service.


Fast shipping and solid products for good price


happy first time customer! can’t wait to get to work😃🙏🍄🫶


Great packaging and definitely helps mycelium growing I’ve seen great results already….. I received 6 bags and I’ve had no contamination in any of them so I’m quite satisfied with this company and will be more than happy to recommend them to other patrons and I look forward to doing more business with them in the future


Always a joy to order and receive there amazing products. I've been doing just these for the last 6 months, and having great flushes 😳 😀 😊 will be a return customer for eva!!! ✌️ and much 💙

Thank you! Appreciate the support and always here to help!

MEA Agar

Perfect as always 👌

Thank you! Appreciate the support!

This formula is amazing.
The complexity of the starch and sugars makes for some really fast growth in my lab.
Pair it with a Milo sorghum bag and you’re on your way!!!

Thank you!

Not So Simple Mushroom Substrate
Carter Bilbe (Metairie, US)
Fabulous product ! candy for your mycelium !

This is a GREAT product ! the mycelium LOVES it and it arrived two days early and was vacuum sealed and super fresh ! I use this company for all my mycology supplies the grain bags as well are top notch and always comes packed correctly and fresh you WILL have success with these products !!

Thank you for the review and great photos! Lets Grow!

Autoclavable/Reusable PP5 Petri Dishes
Guillermo Perez (Pottstown, US)
Good Product

Great service, good product that’s reasonably priced, and it was delivered on time! Will definitely purchase from them again!

Thank you! Happy to help any time!

Not So Simple Mushroom Substrate
Hamato Yo$hi (Mobile, US)
Not So Simple

The “Not So Simple” blend has been doing GREAT with my recent mycology research projects. Drippy Corn and the NSS has been feeding my test subjects with even and consistent nutrients throughout colonization and fruiting processes. I really like that they double package it for freshness and use the XLS-A bag for those who like to keep things simply not so simple =)

Overall this is a very nutrient rich blend and an excellent product for a great price. I will definitely be using this product for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Huge shout out to the Mycology Simplified team!

Thank you for the awesome review!

I can honestly say this appear to be the best substrate I have ever tried. I am seeing amazing growth at even 24-hours. This seems to be a no brainer especially when you consider the price and service. I will be ordering again.

Heck yeah! Love hearing this! 🙏

Product arrived ahead of schedule, and was exactly described as it was in their website.

🤘 🍄 🤘

Great product as always from Mycologysimplified !! fast shipping came two days early and not dried out double bagged in a unicorn bag and vacuumed sealed came Fresh !! The mycelium is LOVING it !! Faster colonization is only one benefit from this product. I won’t order from any other company.

Appreciate the support and great review! Thank you!